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03rd Jan 2024

New ‘Saltburn trend’ shows rich people ‘missed entire point’ of the film

Simon Kelly

“The rich don’t understand the ending..”

Ever since hitting cinemas late last year, Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn has been the film on everyone’s lips and the Barry Keoghan-starring dark comedy is quickly becoming a cultural touchstone for a generation of viewers.

While a lot can be said about the meaning behind the film, it clearly puts the naivety and shallowness of the super-wealthy under the microscope, as well as other themes like self-exploration and greed.

However, it seems like some viewers are “completely missing the point” of the film, as a new TikTok trend has emerged showing a particularly strange reaction to one of the movie’s scenes.

Warning: Major spoilers for Saltburn ahead.

New ‘Saltburn trend’ shows rich people ‘missed entire point’ of the film

For those needing of a refresher, Saltburn follows Oliver Quick (Keoghan) a lonely Oxford student who works his way up the social ladder to become best friends with the popular and wealthy Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi).

Oliver manages to book a summer visit to Felix’s eccentric family’s estate Saltburn, before he’s quickly enmeshed in a web of lies, deceit and obsession.

As Quick’s plan to flick each family member off their mortal coil in order to take over Saltburn eventually comes to fruition, the central character strips off and dances naked through the giant mansion to the tune of Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Murder on the Dancefloor’.

The scene has caused a huge reaction, along with two others (we’re not looking at bathtub drains the same ever again), and has now sparked a trend of rich people dancing through their massive houses to the noughties banger.

@salasmaria_ me after watching saltburn #saltburn #saltburnmovie #saltburnfilm ♬ sophs awful edit thats gone viral – sophie

Surprisingly, people seem to be slightly annoyed at the fact wealthy people are plucking a scene out of context in order to flaunt their giant gaffs, and they’ve let it be known.

One TikTok commenter said: “Rich people on their way to show off their houses on TikTok because it’s ‘giving Saltburn’, completely missing the point of the movie.”

Another commented: “The rich don’t understand the ending..”

@meg_coombs1 Dancing round my fiancés family home like… #saltburn #statelyhome #murderonthedancefoor #dancing #saltburnmovie #fyp #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Prime Video

A third wrote: “Love how Saltburn has become an excuse for rich people to show off their generational wealth on TikTok, thanks Emerald Fennell!!”

While Saltburn clearly takes aim at the upper classes, it could also be argued that rich people “missing the point” actually further proves the point of the film.

Towards the end of Saltburn, Quick describes the Catton family as “spoiled dogs sleeping belly-up. No natural predators” – perhaps suggesting that they are primed to miss the point.