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20th Aug 2015

Here’s how many hours of adverts a year Netflix saves you…

Tom Victor

How much would you pay to never have to watch an advert on television again?

That’s the basic selling point of Netflix, and American website Exstreamist has done the maths to work out how many ads we’re avoiding.

It’s an extension of the “time is money” soundbite, and the numbers are even higher than we imagined.


Based on the official Nielsen stats about the number of hours’ worth of TV and films accessed through the streaming service, Exstreamist have arrived at the figure of 130 hours per year.

This is of course based on the US standard, where channels tend to carry more ads per hour than here in the UK – but we’d estimate that the British total isn’t far off 100 hours.

Imagine what you could do with all that time saved – you could go for a run outside, spend more time with friends and family…or even settle down for a four-day Netflix binge.

We’re getting the popcorn and Red Bull in now.