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02nd Apr 2019

Marvel fans cause internet meltdown trying to buy Avengers tickets

Kyle Picknell

Fans had to wait ridiculous amounts of time for Avengers tickets and some didn’t even get through thanks to website crashes

Unless you’ve been living in a small, WIFI-less box that is also located within a deep network of caves that is also set on another planet entirely, you’ll no doubt be aware of Marvel’s latest eyeball-popping, hold you up by your ankles and shake your jeans for loose change superhero spectacular, Avengers: Endgame, and even then, it’s still not certain.

The trailer dropped today (literally the only thought I had whilst watching was: Why does Hawkeye suddenly have an alt-rock haircut and tattoo sleeve? Is that all he has been doing?) along with all the usual box office sites opening so fans could pre-order tickets.

Unfortunately, because the number of people in the world desperate to pay £10-25 for three hours of mild dread, the occasional 6/10 one-liner and the finest battle sequences you’ll ever witness starring a racoon with a machine gun and a large, green man who is sometimes maybe there if he feels like it was simply too great, so everything broke.

It meant that websites for the Odeon, Imax, Cineworld and Fandango all crashed whilst those who did manage to get into virtual line were subject to waiting times of around an hour – most notably for the Vue ticket office.

As you can see from the reaction on social media below, the experience became extremely stressful for fans who were faced with faulty websites, such as cinemas just outright lying about whether they were showing the film, and queues longer than anybody realistically has time for.

Except for Marvel fans, apparently.