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27th Feb 2020

The best tricks to winning seemingly impossible bar bets

Rich Cooper

We’ve all seen them

You’re in the pub and are enjoying a quite and nice drink with your friends. Then, seemingly out of his kind of portal of banter, a person appears asking you to try and best them at a trick.

They will likely have a bottle and a coin or a monetary note of some kind, and will show you the trick in question. All you have to do is repeat said trick and you’ll win some money.

Inevitably, you attempt it, you fail and you don’t win any money. Indeed, you may owe them money. Not a great few moments. But what if we told you that you could be the person with all the knowledge?

What if we told you that the next time your friend thinks they can trick you with a sleight of hand, you can actually respond in kind. This is our guide to the best bar bet tricks. Please enjoy.