Piers Morgan names Fergie as 'royal who backed him' over Meghan Markle comments 3 weeks ago

Piers Morgan names Fergie as 'royal who backed him' over Meghan Markle comments

Morgan apparently got a supportive text message from the Duchess of York

Piers Morgan, the nation's narcissist and snowflake extraordinaire, has named Fergie as the royal who supported him in the aftermath of his Good Morning Britain temper tantrum in March.


Morgan stepped down from his role on GMB after he received widespread criticism from viewers, fellow presenters, and even ITV themselves for his on-air comments surrounding Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey.

After having claimed on a US TV show that "several members of the royal family" reached out to him with support, Morgan has now revealed in his column for the Mail on Sunday that the Duchess of York and Prince Andrew's ex, Sarah Ferguson, was one of them. Fergie, as she's more widely-known, apparently sent the 55-year-old a message reading: "People have said how much they miss your morning joy and humour, get back out there!"

Now, you can call Piers's appearances on GMB a lot of things, but I'm not sure joyous is one of them. Considering he spent 99% of his time on the show either being offended, being angry, or getting offended/angry at other people being offended/angry, there was rarely much joy involved.

Piers apparently replied with the quite frankly stomach-churning suggestion that the two team up for their own breakfast show "Morgy and Fergie in the Morning."


As far as Royal Family members go though, I'm not sure whether Fergie is quite the big-hitter that Piers thinks she may be. She's not even the most famous Fergie/Ferguson.

In another blatant example of double-standards, Morgan has refused to reveal the other royals who have supposedly reached out and supported him. This is despite having vehemently criticised Markle for not naming the royal who raised concerns around her son Archie's skin colour.

Oh and if you're in any doubt about how desperate Piers is to be heard since his GMB exit, the talk show that he made the claims of royal support on is Extra, which is hosted by Billy Bush, the other person involved in Donald Trump's infamous 'grab em by the pussy' tape.