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13th Nov 2015

Belgium v Italy threw up one of those special moments in footballing history (Video)

Utter class


It’s been 30 years since the Heysel Stadium tragedy that claimed 39 lives.

It was mostly Italian supporters who died on that fateful night when Juventus played Liverpool in the European Cup final on May 29, 1985.

And at tonight’s international friendly between Belgium and Italy at the King Baudouin Stadium, the rebuilt Heysel Stadium, one of the most hair-raising moments in footballing history took place as the game was paused in the 39th minute to honour those who passed away.

The crowd broke into a thoughtful round of applause as Jan Verthongen stood over the ball whilst the victims’ names were called out by the stadium announcer.

Earlier this week, a ceremony took place at which Italy retired their number 39 as a mark of respect.

It certainly puts things into perspective.