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14th Jan 2016

VIDEO: Luke Rockhold getting his elbow fluid drained makes us want to vomit

Looks like zero fun

Darragh Murphy

If you’re eating, go ahead and turn back now.

Luke Rockhold claimed the 185lb title with a TKO victory over the previously undefeated Chris Weidman at UFC 194 but is, as of yet, awaiting an opponent for his first title defence.

The freshly crowned middleweight champion was recently forced to visit his doctor to have excess fluid drained from his right elbow.

While that’s not exactly shocking in the MMA world, we’ve never seen someone post a video of it.

If you’re in any way squeamish, look away now.

Cleaning up #ufc194 problems with Doctor Bob #swellbow

Posted by Luke Rockhold on Tuesday, January 12, 2016