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23rd Jul 2016

St Pauli’s ‘Welcome to Hell’ tunnel may be even cooler than their new kit

Like something out of a horror movie

Robert Redmond

For a club with socialist leanings, St Pauli sure do know how to market themselves.

The German Bundesliga 2 side may not be one of the game’s giants, but their fame extends beyond their exploits on the field. St Pauli are renowned for their fans’ socialist leanings and their strong stance against racism, sexism, fascism and homophobia.

The Hamburg club also have three of the best kits you’re going to see this season, and have close links to Celtic.

The two regularly play friendlies against each other, and the next time the Hoops are at Millerntor Stadium, this will be the scene that awaits them before they take the field:


The German club have resigned the players’ tunnel to resemble something from a horror movie, with the club’s trademark skull and crossbones emblazoned on the walls.


Whether or not it will intimidate the opposition is debatable, but it is at least an original and unique addition to the club.

It’s certainly unlike anything most (if not all) visiting players will have seen at any other point in their career.


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