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27th Nov 2022

Paddy Pimblett caught in bizarre door camera exchange after his dog does a ‘sloppy sh*t’ outside woman’s home

Steve Hopkins

‘I can’t even pick it up with a poo bag’

Paddy Pimblett has been caught on a door video camera in a bizarre exchange with a homeowner about a dog poo, and proved he isn’t that ‘bad’ after all, especially when it comes to being a responsible dog owner.

The UFC star was captured on a Ring video notifying a homeowner, rather apologetically, that his pet had just done a rather “sloppy sh*t” outside her door.

He then went on to request some water to clean it away, as it wasn’t solid enough to pick up with a poo bag.

The clip was posted on social media on Saturday and has now been viewed almost 4.5 million times.

It begins with a woman saying, “hello”, and Paddy stands back from the camera.

He then says: “Hello love, um, my dog just had a sloppy s—t outside, and I’m just wondering if you got some water; I don’t want to leave it outside on the path,” Pimblett says on the Ring video.

The owner of the house knew who Pimblett was and got excited but the unlikely exchange she found herself a part of.

“Is that Paddy The Baddy,” she asks, and he acknowledges it is. She then says she is five minutes from home and says, “don’t worry, I’ll clean it”.

Paddy then asks, “you sure?”, before he continues: “I feel terrible, you know what I mean? He just had a sloppy s—t, and I can’t even pick it up with a poo bag,” Pimblett admits.

While the 27-year-old may have rubbed some people the wrong way, he’s clearly proven himself to be a responsible dog owner who cleans up after his pet.

Pimblett returns to action for the third time on 10 December in Las Vegas where he will face Jared Gordon.

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