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25th Apr 2024

Simpson’s producer apologises after killing off popular character on the show for 34 years


“The Simpsons don’t die often … so, it’s a huge deal when they do.”

The Simpsons have killed off a fan favourite after 34 years on the show.

The long-running character – know as Larry the Barfly – appeared in the very first episode of the iconic cartoon series, ‘Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire’.

Larry has been a regular at Moe’s Tavern for decades and while he has never spoken more than a handful of words throughout his three-decade-long stint on the show, he has still endeared himself as a favourite background character.

Voiced by Harry Shearer, not much was known about Lawrence “Larry” Dalrymple, apart from his fondness of the drink, but he always seemed to be a valued member of Homer’s drinking buddies circle.

The character was killed off in the series 35 episode ‘Cremains of the Day’, when Moe angrily tries to kick him out of his bar after losing a bet. However, he quickly finds out that Larry has passed away at the bar.

The remainder of the episode focuses on the gang unravelling the mystery of the often overlooked character.

Larry from The Simpsons (Disney)

Cult favourite Simpsons character killed off after 34 years

At Larry’s funeral, hardly anyone can think of what to say about him, despite him being a regular at the bar for years.

However, Larry’s mother tells Homer that he considered the Moe’s crowd his best friends.

After the gang get a hold of Larry’s ashes, they end up finding out that the near-mute character had a lot more going on than they thought – one fact being that he was actually a diamond smuggler for Fat Tony.

Despite it being too late to ask any more about Larry’s interesting life, it’s a fitting end to a stalwart of the show after nearly 35 years.

The character only spoke in two episodes in the entire series, one time being in ‘Bart Gets Hit by a Car’, where he says “Who’s the chick!?” after seeing Marge.

His other line is just a singular word in the episode ‘El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer)’, where he utters the word “Colleague”.

Despite his lack of dialogue over the last 30 years, many Simpsons fans were left devastated by the death of Larry, so much so that Simpson’s producer, Tim Long, even apologised, slightly.

Speaking to TMZ, emphasised that The Simpsons characters don’t die often, so when they do it’s a huge deal.

Long added that he’s sorry to fans who are upset by the death but says that he’s glad fans took the news as hard as Homer and the gang did as it proves The Simpsons is just as loved as ever.

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