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07th Oct 2022

Paddy the Baddy fights 10 Marines and it’s not even a contest

Charlie Herbert

Paddy the Baddy fights 10 Marines and it's not even a contest

‘Paddy is a machine’

Paddy Pimblett a.k.a. Paddy the Baddy recently decided to test himself against 10 marines, and to be honest it was no contest.

The UFC star has shot to fame in the last 12 months thanks to his unique personality, mental health advocacy, and of course his fighting ability.

And he put the last of these on show at Camp Pendleton in San Diego, where he has been training with marines in between fights.

As part of this, he decided to take on 10 US marines consecutively – and floored them all.

With no rest in between, Paddy finishes the marines off one after the other.

Although one of the marines did manage to put up a very good fight, Paddy eventually forced him into a submission.

Paddy posted the video to his 667,000 subscribers on September 11 with the caption: “UFC vs USMC – Paddy the Baddy Takes On The Marines!”

It has since racked up more than 6.7m views.

Safe to say that fans were impressed with his display. One viewer labelled his fighting skills as “insane”, writing: “To go up against 10 Marines in top physical condition is insane, it’s even more insane that he did that after doing such an intense workout. Paddy is a machine!”

A second said: “It’s so hard not to root for paddy man. he’s so talented in the ring but also so goofy and funny you seriously just wanna relate to him.

“And the fact that he’s such a big advocate for mental health especially with the stigma that men can’t speak up, he’s really gonna help change lives if not doing so already.

“He’s also so honest, unafraid to open up to people in hope that maybe someone is feeling how he once did and can find some comfort in doing the same. good on you paddy.”

But everyone’s a critic, and one person third claimed the video reflected badly on the marine corp themselves: “The fact he made 10 marines tap back to back, and they were so appreciative to give him their coin speaks volumes for our corps.”

Well they’re more than welcome to give it a go themselves.

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