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02nd Mar 2023

Logan Paul reveals plans to fight Tommy Fury

Callum Boyle

Logan Paul

Do any of the Paul family not want to fight Fury?

Logan Paul has said that he wants to fight Tommy Fury in order to avenge his younger brother Jake’s defeat.

Fury beat the younger Paul via split decision in Saudi Arabia on Sunday, with the fight scored 76-73, 76-73, 74-75 in favour of the Brit.

Paul has already expressed his desire to activate the rematch clause in the fight contract after complaining of “illness” and an “arm injury” in the build up to the bout.

But if the two don’t fight again, Logan has offered to step up and take on Tommy.

Speaking on the BS W/ Jake Paul podcast, he said: “f you don’t [have a rematch], I’d like to handle that. … That was like my first instinct, obviously.

Jake and Logan’s mum, Pamela Stepnick intervened, “I think what you said was, ‘I’m going to kill that kid.'”

Logan then replied: “Yeah that’s what I said. He’s my little brother. F*** that. Inflatable arm ass, motherf***er. F***.”

Despite Logan’s offer it appears that Tommy himself is also open to a rematch.

After his win in Saudi, he told the crowd: “100 per cent this is my first main event.

“I’m only going to stronger. I’m only going to bigger and better. There were a lot of nerves coming into it and I override that. If he wants a rematch, bring that.”

Tommy’s older brother, Tyson, also admitted that he would like to see his sibling face Jake again before taking on Logan.

“Tommy will be headlining now forever. I’d like to see him fight a rematch with Jake Paul and fight Logan, his brother,” he said.

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