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03rd Jan 2023

Gianni Infantino criticised for taking selfie in front of Pelé’s open casket

Callum Boyle

Gianni Infantino

‘What is wrong with this bloke?’

Caution: Some readers may find the image (below) distressing

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has been criticised for taking a selfie in front of Pelé’s open casket.

Infantino had been in the city of Santos, where Pelé spent the large majority of his career playing football, at a 24-hour tribute for the 82-year-old, who sadly died from cancer last week.

The head of the world football governing body had already caused some controversy amongst the people in Argentina after he stated that every country should name a football stadium in Pelé’s name as a tribute to the player known as ‘The King’.

“We’re going to ask every country to name one of their football stadiums with the name of Pelé,” he said.

“We’re here with great sadness. Pelé is eternal. He’s a global icon of football. Future generations have to know and remember who Pelé was.”

He was one of the first to pay tribute to the footballing legend before his open casket, which was displayed in the middle of the pitch at the Vila Belmiro Stadium.

Infantino was seen offering condolences to Marcia Aoki, Pelé’s widow, and his son Edinho however it was the selfie he took that led to widespread criticism across social media.

One user said: “Good Lord, what is wrong with this bloke?”

Another tweeted: “FIFA supremo Gianni Infantino takes selfie in front of Pele’s open casket; Without prejudice’ what do you expect he is not going to miss a photo-opp even if that person is Pele the great it’s call a ‘PR Stunt’.”

A third wrote: “FIFA president Gianni Infantino takes a selfie while smiling during Pele’s wake. When it’s not enough for you to be an idiot, but you want it to be known around…”

“Infantino at it again,” wrote a fourth

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