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17th Nov 2023

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 373

Fictional villains and everyday symbols are your rounds on the JOE Friday Pub Quiz this week.

Charlie Herbert

JOE Friday pub quiz week 373

Quizzing is happening, and it’s happening now

Fire up your brain and stoke the coals of general knowledge.

You’ve made it to Friday, you’re tired, productivity is low, but this is the final push.

Use your brain one last time this week and haul yourself to a sky-high pub quiz score to laud over the office/the group chat/your family for seven days.

Get the competitive juices flowing. Find the primal human instinct to prove you are the cleverest, to prove you are the strongest.

You are the king/queen of quizzing – reign over your kingdom.

Suitably pumped now? Good, time to get to it.

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