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20th Nov 2018

QUIZ: Can you identify the breakfast cereal that’s in black and white?

Get 12 out of 12 and you win absolutely nothing

Ciara Knight

Cereal, am I right?

You can eat breakfast cereal in the morning, you can eat it in the afternoon, and if you’re feeling particularly sad, you can even eat it for dinner.

While it’s all fun and games to enjoy cereal, we must also be vigilant. Suppose you went colourblind overnight. How would you know what cereal you’re eating in the morning? Sure, you could read the name on the box, but what if you also lost the ability to read? Not so smart now, are you?

The following quiz will help prepare you for your inevitable colourblindness, testing your ability to decipher which breakfast cereal is which, once the colour has been removed.

12 is a good score here, but 13 is phenomenal (because there are only 12 questions).

Good luck!