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23rd Sep 2022

Teen famous for tracking Elon Musk’s jet has been banned from Facebook

Charlie Herbert

Teen famous for tracking Elon Musk’s jet has been banned from Facebook

Meta clearly disapproves of @ElonJet

A student who has risen to fame by tracking Elon Musk’s private jet flights has been banned from Facebook.

Sweeney hit the news earlier this year thanks to his Twitter account @ElonJet, which told followers where Musk’s private jet was taking off from and landing at any given time.

But now, the University of Central Florida student has had his Musk-tracking account banned from Facebook.

Taking to Twitter on 23 September, the UberJets software writer shared a message he received from Facebook which read: “Hi Jack, unfortunately your Page, Elon Musk’s Jet has been unpublished because it violates Facebook Pages terms.

“This means that you can still see the Page, but other people won’t be able to see it and you won’t be able to add new people to work on your Page.

“If you think this is a mistake, please let us know.”

Sweeney shared the message with the caption: “Really @Facebook”

In January, Musk offered Sweeney $5,000 to close the account after discovering the Twitter page, However, Sweeney refused, saying he’d only do it for $50,000.

Musk then rejected this counter-offer and blocked him.

The teen then set up more plane tracking accounts for other billionaires, such as Bill Gates and Floyd Mayweather, before moving onto the jets of Russian oligarchs such as Roman Abramovich.

Sweeney’s skills not only earned him media attention but also a potential future career.

After hearing about his efforts tracking Musk’s private planes, private jet business Stratos Jet Charters offered the teen a place on their tech development team.

Speaking about the job offer, the University of Central Florida (UCF) student told the New York Post: “It was pretty cool. They’re UCF alumni, so it’s pretty interesting.

“There’s just a lot of UCF that think it’s cool.”

In May, Musk was slammed online for using his private jet to take a nine-minute flight. The tech mogul travelled 35-miles from San Jose to San Francisco, a journey that could have taken just 40 minutes by car.

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