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27th Apr 2024

The reason you should always include ‘sent from my iPhone’ when sending an email

Luke Davies

You may or may not have noticed this when sending emails from your iPhone.

When sending emails people usually sign off with ‘your sincerely’ or ‘yours faithfully’ however, the last line on emails from iPhones reads ‘Sent from my iPhone.’

You would be forgiven for thinking, ‘Why is this relevant?’ But countless memes have been created following the Netflix series ‘Baby Reindeer’. It involves a woman who stalks a man whom she meets in a pub. She pursues him to no avail and resorts to sending tens of thousands of emails to gauge his attention. 

Every single email received by Richard Gadd who plays Donny Dunn was signed ‘Sent from my iPhone.’

Strangely she did not even own an iPhone but continued to sign off in the same way. However, there may be a method to the madness of Martha. 

Email writing expert Rob Ashton explained why you should at least let the receiver know you have used a mobile device when publishing the email.

During a study on senders ‘credibility,’ results found errors had a damaging effect on the prestige and perceived competence of employers.

“But, despite the number of mistakes, the presence of ‘Sent from my iPhone’ significantly reduced that damage,”

Users are more likely to ignore or forgive the mistake as it was sent on via a mobile phone.

Ashton expanded, he said: “But the implications of this and similar studies go way beyond showing that it’s a good idea to indicate that you are emailing from a mobile device.”

“Because they show that the unintentional cues we send out when we write or speak have a huge impact on how our audience perceives what we’re trying to say. In communication, first and foremost, it’s the little things that count.”

Emails have come a long way with greetings becoming less formal as the years pass. So, how will you be signing off your work emails this week?

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