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30th Aug 2022

Pilot threatens to turn plane around if passenger continues to AirDrop nudes

April Curtin

Another AirDrop incident earlier this year ended with a man being arrested

A pilot got so fed up with passengers sending naked pictures via AirDrop that he threatened to cancel the trip.

The Southwest Airlines flight hadn’t even managed to take off on its trip to Cabo in Mexico before passengers received a stern telling off.

A video posted on TikTok by passenger Teighlor Masalis captured the moment the pilot gave his final warning.

“So here’s the deal, if this continues while we’re on the ground, I’m going to have to pull back to the gate,” the pilot can be heard saying on the tannoy.

“Everybody’s going to have to get off, we’re going to have to get security involved, vacation is going to be ruined,” he said.

“Whatever that AirDrop thing is […] sending naked pictures, let’s get yourself to Cabo,” the pilot added.

@teighmars @robloxsouthwestair takes airdropping nudes very seriously. #AEJeansSoundOn #WorldPrincessWeek ♬ original sound – Teighlor Marsalis

The video has since been viewed over 2 million times, and racked up over 90,000 likes.

“Major dad vibes,” one person commented, which over 11,000 people liked in agreement.

This is not the first time passengers have been told off for using AirDrop in inappropriate ways on a plane.

Earlier this year, a man on a flight in the US was arrested after reportedly sharing pictures to random passengers of himself receiving oral sex.

Again, the incident took place on a Southwest Airline flight, this time from Detroit to Denver.

A now-deleted TikTok video went viral in which the man, who is identified as Larry, was called out by passengers and confronted by a member of the cabin crew.

Larry confessed to what he was doing, but said he was “just having some fun.”

JOE has reached out to Southwest Airlines and is awaiting a response.

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