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11th Jun 2024

Nigel Farage ‘pelted with wet cement’ while campaigning on open top bus

Nina McLaughlin

The Reform UK leader had objects thrown at him while campaigning in Barnsley

A man who hurled objects at Nigel Farage while he was on an open top bus has been arrested.

The 60-year-old said he believed the objects to include wet cement from a nearby works site, as well as a coffee cup.

The Mirror reports that footage shows one single-use coffee cup being taken from a bin before being thrown at the politician.

In a statement on X following the incident, Farage wrote: “My huge thanks to South Yorkshire Police today.

“I will not be bullied or cowed by a violent left-wing mob who hate our country.”

“These people want to stop my election campaign. That’s never going to happen,” he later added.

Farage said police warned him not to step off the bus.

South Yorkshire Police told The Mirror: “We have arrested a 28-year-old man on suspicion of public order offences following disorder in Barnsley Town Centre today (11 June).

“It is believed that the man threw objects from a nearby construction area. A suspect was quickly detained and remains in police custody.”

It comes after the Clacton-on-Sea candidate had a milkshake thrown at him last week.

Victoria Thomas-Bowen was arrested by police after hurling the contents of a McDonald’s cup at the former UKIP leader as he was leaving a Wetherspoons in the seaside town of Clacton.

She is set to appear at Colchester Magistrates’ Court on July 2 after being charged with assault.

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