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05th Dec 2022

Man survives having a 1.5ft trident stabbed through his neck during work row – and even tells doctors it didn’t hurt

Steve Hopkins

Graphic content warning: Some readers may find the following pictures and story disturbing. 

Doctors found ‘no sign of blood or injury’

A man survived despite having a 1.5ft trident stabbed through his neck during an argument at work – and even told doctors it didn’t hurt.

Bhaskar Ram received the bizarre injury in a fight with two men at his workplace in Kalyani, India.

Graphic video shows the 150-year-old weapon – a-pronged spear – stuck in the 33-year-old’s neck as he awaited treatment.

Local sources said he was rushed to a nearby hospital in the early hours of November 28, but had to be transferred to another specialised hospital over 65km away.

Staff at the Kolkata NRS Medical College in West Bengal had to wake up surgeon Dr Pranabashish Banerjee to remove the weapon at 3am.

After an hour-and-a-half long operation, the trident was eventually removed from Ram’s neck and he is said to have made a remarkable recovery.

Local sources said he told doctors he was not in any pain or discomfort.

Dr Banerjee, an associate professor at the NRS Medical College said: “There was no sign of blood or injury which took me to surprise.

“Only traces of blood were found outside his mouth.

“A team of doctors was formed which included Dr Arpita Mahanti, Dr Sutirtha Saha and Dr Madhurima, an anaesthetist.

“We first conducted a supportive surgery by placing a tracheostomy tube in the airway for breathing and then started our surgery.

“None of the vital structures were injured as the rod had miraculously missed the vital organs that included the carotid, internal jugular vein, trachea, oesophagus, larynx, vertebra and the spinal cord.

“The patient has recovered well and we are gradually removing the supporting tubes. “The tracheostomy tube was removed and the nasogastric tube will be removed once the MRI report arrives.”

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