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03rd Apr 2024

Katie Price diet advert for Skinny Food has been banned


The post claimed her meals added up to just 755 calories a day

An advert for The Skinny Food Co posted by Katie Price has been banned after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said it was “irresponsible.”

Back in August, Price posted a Reel on Instagram that showed her making meals using products from the Skinny Food Co.

She started the day with porridge and coffee alongside a zero calorie syrup, before having a wrap with zero-calorie garlic mayo for her lunch.

For tea, Price made herself a low-calorie chicken curry, before finishing the day with low-calorie chocolate malt balls.

“All of this was only 755 calories and helping me stay in a calorie deficit to shift some extra pounds when needed,” she captioned the post.

 “If I have a bad day I like to go in a calorie deficit to ensure it’s not a bad week,” she added.

She said that her kids also “loved” the low-calorie products.

The ASA received two complaints about Price’s ad having irresponsibly promoted a low-calorie diet.

The NHS recommends a daily calorie intake of 2,000 calories a day for women and 2,500 for men in the UK. Adverts that recommend diets that fall below 800 calories a day require telling viewers that they should ask for medical advice before cutting their intake.

Price’s sponsored post did not do this, and so the ASA said they “concluded that the ad irresponsibly promoted a diet that fell below 800 kcal a day.”

The organisation also said that the post was not clearly labelled as an ad, with the #ad only being visible upon expanding the caption.

Not Guilty Food Co Ltd, who own the Skinny Food Co brand, argued that the post had included the #ad tag, and that they could not control Price’s diet. They added that a “calorie deficit” was a proven way to lose weight.

The content has been removed from her Instagram account following ASA’s decision.

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