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20th Jul 2023

Just Stop Oil activists surrounded by Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off group to prevent march

Charlie Herbert

Just Stop Oil protestors surrounded by Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off protestors to prevent march

They stopped the environmental activists from marching in the road

Just Stop Oil activists were met with a counterprotest from a group branding themselves as “Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off” during a protest.

Members of the environmental group were carrying out one of their latest protests by sitting in the street in London.

But they were surrounded by people in orange t-shirts which had ‘Just Stop P*ssing Everyone Off’ written on them.

They linked hands and stood around the Just Stop Oil sat on the ground preventing them from marching in the road.

In a post sharing the footage, the environmental group said: “Supporters of Just Stop Oil were met with a counterprotest while preparing to slow march in Elephant & Castle, but after explaining their reasoning for demanding an end to new oil and gas, the counter-protesters dispersed.”

Just Stop Oil have carried out a number of high-profile protests in recent weeks and months.

The group campaigns for the government to stop granting new licenses for fossil fuel drilling and production.

In particular, the group target high-profile events with large media coverage, such as Wimbledon and the Ashes.

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