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04th Dec 2023

GTA 6 footage reportedly leaked by Rockstar employee’s son

Joseph Loftus

Some are saying the Rockstar director’s son leaked the footage

It’s less than 24 hours until the GTA 6 trailer finally drops but now there are unverified reports of new leaks of the game and there’s rumours they’ve come from the son of a Rockstar employee.

Eurogamer reports that the leaks appear to have come from TikTok and they claim to show a few seconds of GTA 6., a well regarded website which often shares Rockstar news, said of the footage: “In a totally unexpected turn of events, it appears the ‘leaked’ footage has come from the son of a Rockstar Games employee.”

The account continued saying that they have no evidence of Rockstar attempting to take down the video but “evidence to suggest the video has come from someone related to the employee in question is fairly convincing.” have also said that it is”possible that the photo being used as evidence is not the son of the employee, or that the source of this leak is from a third-party attempting to pose as such.”

But just what did the leak show? Well standing at just 13 seconds long, the footage was exceptionally low resolution so if it really is a GTA 6 leak it has to be from a very early build.

What is clear, however, is that it shows a large, open world city.

While we haven’t included the footage in our article, it’s easy to find online.

As for the real deal, you can find that tomorrow at 2pm here in the UK.

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