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12th Jun 2023

Actor who played Trevor on GTA 5 recorded lines in his underwear and couldn’t stop farting on set

Charlie Herbert

Trevor GTA actor Steve Ogg

His co-stars labelled him a ‘methane actor’

The actor who voiced Trevor in Grand Theft Auto V was known for ‘stripping down to his underwear’ and farting on set.

If you’ve played the game, you’ll be more than aware of Trevor, who has gone down as one of the most memorable characters in the franchise.

He was played by Steven Ogg, who has also starred in television series such as Better Call Saul and The Walking Dead.

But whilst you may recognise his face if you’ve seen either of these shows, it’s probably his voice that most would recognise first, thanks to his role as the aggressive, foul-mouthed career criminal, Trevor Philips.

Apparently whilst he recorded his lines for the game though, he seemed to somewhat embody his character, by constantly farting on set and running around in his underwear at the end of everyday.

This is according to Ned Luke, who voiced another of GTA V’s main protagonists Michael De Santa.

He told The Gamer in an interview: “Our set was very loose, pretty crazy, and a lot of fun,

“Steven is very free with his farts. We’d give him s*** about that all the time.

“Then after every day we worked, he would strip down to his underwear and run around the stage.

“He’s a freak show.”

Ogg has also had roles in The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul (Instagram/ogg_steven)

Whilst this sounds exactly like the sort of behaviour you’d expect from Trevor in the game, it turns out that Ogg couldn’t be further from him.

Luke continued: “He’s so far distant from Trevor, you would not believe. In a way, yeah. In another way, he’s not even close.

“Very artsy fartsy, with an emphasis on the fartsy – I called him a methane actor

“We had this thing where we could order healthy food with a lot of stuff in it that makes you fart.

“He likes to eat healthy. If you see the guy, he’s jacked.”

He got on really well with his co-star as well, with Ned saying their chemistry was “so on the money” from their first audition.

He continued: “We smacked each other because it was a kind of physical scene. There was a shove, a smack, there was a block – all this stuff going on.

“When we came out, I said to Steven, ‘I don’t know about me, pal, but you’re booking this thing’,

“He’s down there getting on his bike like, ‘Oh, I don’t know’. I’m like, ‘Dude, I’ll see you on the set’.”

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