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03rd Apr 2023

Gangsters put £250,000 bounty on the head of Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s killer to stop him talking

Steve Hopkins

Cashman knows ‘everything there is to know about crime, drugs and violence’ in Merseyside

Gangsters have reportedly placed a £250,000 bounty on the killer of Olivia Pratt-Korbel amid concerns he may reveal information about fellow criminals to reduce his jail sentence.

Thomas Cashman is due to be sentenced Monday over the death of the nine-year-old at her home in Dovecot, Liverpool, last year. The 34-year-old had been aiming at drug dealer Joseph Nee, 36, who had run into the building moments earlier.

Cashman is said to be linked to three other unsolved murders.

The Sun reported Monday that a bounty has been placed on the killer’s head to “silence him” and had been circulating in the north and jails via encrypted messaging app Telegram

The publisher quoted a source as saying there are several people who will “not think twice” about carrying out the crime.

The Sun said the hit was ordered amid concerns Cashman, a dad-of-two, could trade information about unsolved murders to reduce his prison term.

His testimony, it reported, would cause a “world of pain” for several big organised crime bosses who don’t want “their activities being looked at.”

“He has nothing to lose — he is cornered,” the source told The Sun.

“There’s lifers who will be mixing with him in months and years to come who will not think twice about carrying it out.”

The insider said Cashman knows “everything there is to know about organised crime, drugs and violence” in Merseyside.

When he shot Olivia, Cashman, also injured her mum, 46-year-old Cheryl Korbel.

He chased Nee into their home after earlier trying to shoot him as he walked home from a friend’s house on August 22.

Reports over the weekend suggested that Cashman he tried to claim half his £100,000 hitman fee, even though he failed to kill Nee, and had shot Olivia instead.

The Sun previously reported that Cashman had been ordered to kill Nee over a drug debt.

Read The Sun report here.

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