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17th Oct 2023

Experienced US driver takes UK driving test without lessons

Charlie Herbert

Experienced US driver takes UK driving test without lessons

12 years driving in America hadn’t prepared him for British roads

An American man who had spent more than a decade driving in the US decided to take a UK driving test without having had any lessons on this side of the pond, and it didn’t go brilliantly for him.

Kam, from Florida, has been confidently behind the wheel for 12 years in the US, so he at least knows the ins and outs of a vehicle.

Of course, there’s much more to driving than simply knowing how to accelerate and break, so how did Kam get on when he took a British driving test?

To find out, the American went to YouTube driving expert Richard Fanders from the Conquer Driving YouTube channel.

In the video, he says he’s a very experienced driver, but admitted that he has previously failed a test in the UK, after he took the wrong lane at a roundabout.

To get Kam in the driving test mood, Richard adopted the role of examiner ‘Jason’, by sticking on a hi-vis jacket and a sterner tone.

This prompted many to take to the comments to say how much his act had taken them back to their driving test.

One person wrote: “Jason was on point for a DVSA examiner. The atrocious jokes, the robotic small talk (what would you normally be doing today), and the delivery of instructions – brilliant.”

Another said: “Jason giving instructions like a DVSA soldier.”

A third added: “That examiner act was absolutely brutal!! Perfectly captured how horrible they make you feel.”

Anyway, onto to the test itself, and poor old Kam.

After the 35 minutes examination, which saw him drive on a variety of roads, Richard delivered the results.

Starting off with the “I’m sorry to say…” that we all dreaded, he revealed that Kam had failed – and it wasn’t even a close one.

The American committed 11 minor errors and a worrying six serious faults.

Richard did tell him that despite the significant amount of mistakes, he felt “comfortable” being a passenger in Kam’s car, which begs the question: how bad were some of the other drivers Richard has been in a car with?

One person commented where they think Kam went wrong, and explained why an American would struggle in UK roads.

They wrote: “Kam seems to have struggled to adjust to our narrower roads and tighter junctions with reduced visibility.

“For those that haven’t driven in the US, the roads are wider and the junctions, larger, with greater visibility, as such can be taken at much higher speeds.”

Better luck next time, Kam.

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