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27th Apr 2024

Mum slammed for setting up GoFundMe to build her ‘dream home’

Charlie Herbert

She wants to build the home on a friend’s land

A mum has been criticised for launching a GoFundMe page asking for $40,000 (£20,890) to build her ‘dream home.’

Kara-Louise Hoppo is a single mum to four boys, and had shared the fundraiser on a local Facebook page.

However, she ended up deleting the post following the reaction.

According to the MailOnline, she wrote: “We are in a bit of a housing predicament and I’m manifesting that we’re going to get out of those permanently this year. I’ve found a way, but I cant do it without help.”

On the fundraising page, Hoppo explains that she is “seeking donations to help us buy two demountables, and set up a permanent home on a friend’s block which we will either rent cheap or be able to stay by contributing with help.”

The two buildings are being sold for $20,000 and the mum said she wanted to use the rest of the cash to buy a third demountable as a “blank canvas” to fit it out. She would then transport them all to the build location and set them up. 

She goes on to give a full breakdown of how she would use the money.

At the time of writing, just under $8,000 has been donated to the page.

Kara Hoppo has launched a GoFundMe to raise $40,000 to buy her ‘dream house’ (Facebook/Kara-Louise Hoppo)

She writes on the page that her and her sons – who she describes as “the hippy family” have moved on “quite a few times over the years” and were faced with the prospect of moving from their current home due to “health and safety reasons.”

She continued: “The boys love their school and have made beautiful connections and friendships and I would love to stay around the area we are to maintain those connections and not uproot them from another school and familiarity.

“I have been looking and considering to no avail all our options, and all alternatives. Which brought me to this. I am seeking donations to help us buy 2 demountable, and set up a permanent home on a friend’s block which we will either rent cheap or be able to stay by contributing with help on the block.

“I am asking for $40,000 total in donations. Or for min. 400 kind hearted people to be willing to donate $100 worth of their yearly bought coffee budget. Or 2000 with $20 they could spare. Very quickly it can add up.”

Hoppo added that she has not had regular work due to her childcare duties, but she was studying a new age healing course and hoped to be able to start a business from that in the coming few months. 

In a follow-up post on the page, she said she had found a company that builds small “pop-out” homes for $33,000, and that she was considering this as an option.

The fundraiser hasn’t gone down well with some though.

After it was shared by local news outlet The Mango Inquirer, many commented with their views.

One person wrote: “There are people out there who genuinely need and deserve help, not asking for free rides. Help them instead.”

“The audacity of this! Maybe she should use the same internet to get a job like every one else,” another said.

A third asked: “Does she know she has to report the money she gets donated to Centrelink?” 

Defending her, a relative of Hoppo said: “She is currently living in a leaky shed and is trying to find a solution out of her current predicament for permanent dry accommodation for her children.

“She has always helped others whenever possible including arranging and coordinating donations to feed the homeless at Christmas.”

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