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01st Dec 2023

Eau de Hull? Lidl launches new deodorant range inspired by UK towns and cities 

Jack Peat

The Barry scent has the ‘versatility of an omelette’, while Hull promises a ‘smooth industrial ambience’

A new range of body sprays has been launched by Lidl that have been inspired by towns and cities across the UK. 

Novelty four-packs of sprays will include scents that capture edgy parts of south London, the industrial north and even include aromas of the iconic omelettes made by Stacey’s mum in Barry Island. 

Launched with a cheeky parody video, the range is set to rival the classic gift set most blokes expect under the tree at Christmas. 

But rather than showcasing the wild scents of Africa, it will feature the rustic smells of places like Leith in Scotland and Hull in Humberside! 

The range includes four scents from across the British Isles, and each comes with its own interpretation of what the UK is about.

According to the product descriptions, Cien Hull showcases a ‘strong northern aroma that’ll make any day feel ‘reet grand’.

Punters can expect a smooth industrial ambience and a bold smattering of seagulls in reference to the city’s proud seafaring industry.

Cien Barry, meanwhile, leans heavily on Gavin and Stacey references, with the product description reading:

‘Don’t get me wrong, to be honest, at the end of the day, this fragrance has the versatility of an omelette, filled with the subtle scents of the arcade, bright beach huts and rickety fairground rides.’

Visiting some of the edgier parts of south London, Cien Peckham promises a soulful, southern scent, grounded in bold beats and bars.

You can expect an essence of barber shops, salt fish, scenic rooftop restaurants and notes of the Old Nags Head.

And Cien Leith in Scotland has an ‘eclectic aroma of community and perseverance’.

With industrious roots, this fragrance boasts notes of street art, sourdough and sea mist, with booze-soaked beer mats and friendly dugs aplenty.

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