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06th Dec 2023

‘I want full control of my wife’s £200,000 inheritance, she doesn’t deserve it’

Callum Boyle

Wife's inheritance

‘She’s spent absurd amounts of money’

A husband has divided opinion online after he announced his plans to take full control of his wife’s inheritance as he doesn’t trust her.

Her dad left £200k in his will after he passed away.

He revealed he had concerns after his wife’s spending had left them in debt in the past and that a lot of the inheritance money had been used to pay off their debts.

“A lot of this (debt) was due to her spending,” he explained on Reddit.

With £100k of the money left, he was left shocked after finding out that the remaining amount had been spent.

He said: “When she first received the money I asked for it to be put it in our account to monitor her spending and both her and her mom told me I had no right.

“I saw her spending habits getting out of hand early and would confront her, to which she always replied: ‘You don’t get to tell me how to spend my dad’s blood money!’ Now here we are months later with almost nothing left.”

Shocked by the amount spent, the man explained that as well as the traditional monthly outgoings, he noticed plenty of unnecessary purchases.

“She spent absurd amounts of money. There were Amazon deliveries daily. She booked three, multi-thousand-pound vacations for the kids this summer and any time I questioned her spending she would get combative and say that her dad would have wanted her to have fun and spoil the kids. We also ate out dozens and dozens of times,” he added.

“I believe she should have given me access to it, because I feel like burning through almost £100k ($126k) is absurd, irresponsible and unacceptable.”

His revelation drew over 1,400 comments on Reddit, with readers supporting his claims.

One person wrote: “You need to put a block on your credit ASAP, especially since you know she does this type of stuff. I’d seriously consider getting out of this marriage before she bankrupts you.”

Another commented: “You’re married. You should have input.”

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