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24th Aug 2015

When this woman kicked her ex-boyfriend out, she didn’t expect to find him weeks later hiding here…



You might want to sleep with the light on tonight after reading this.

Marie Wright decided her and her boyfriend needed some space, so asked him to move out.

The 28-year-old had been dating her 27-year-old partner
for five months when she told him to leave, according to the Plymouth Herald.

But then strange stuff started happening in her Sheffield home – food was going missing, bedding had vanished and there were dirty fingerprints on the ceiling.

Marie, who was still dating her fella at the time, text and asked him to come round and check the loft to make sure nobody was lurking up there.

The newspaper reports that Marie then found money missing from her account. Marie and her housemate became suspicious and set ‘traps’ around the house, including tape on the doors, until she decided to go up into the attic herself to double check.

She found a makeshift bed, food wrappers and a bag of dirty clothes strewn among the loft insulation.

Marie believes her now ex-boyfriend had been living up in the loft for more than two weeks before he was rumbled – creeping down when she was at work and scurrying back up the ladder when she arrived home.

Police caught up with the boyfriend and he reportedly admitted a series of thefts and frauds, including using her cards to take out pay day loans, and was sentenced to 16 months in prison at Sheffield Crown Court last month.

Sleep tight…