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04th May 2024

May is the most common month to break up with your other half

Ryan Price

Almost a third of Brits do it on the first day of the month.

According to a new report, the majority of Brits believe that May is the ‘best month’ to end a relationship, and almost a third of those surveyed admitted planning to break-up with their partner on the first day of the month.

The survey, which included 2,000 Brits and was commissioned by Sky Mobile, revealed that 63% of the British public believe that May is the most suitable month of the year to go single, and 30% aim to get it out of the way early by dumping their other-half on May Day.

One would be inclined to assume that the reason for the uptake in break-ups in the month of May would be to create freedom to explore the single life throughout the summer months, when typically people are out and about more often thanks to the warmer weather.

The report also concluded that seven in 10 Brits (73%) say spring is the optimal season to start a fresh ahead of the summer, while just over half of Brits (56%) admitted to being open to terminating a relationship by text, citing avoiding confrontation (46%) as the top reason for putting off a breakup.

Offering some balance to the argument, 68% of Brits did say that they would stay in a relationship even if it was unhappy to avoid having to go through with a breakup, with one in five (20%) admitting they have been stuck in an unhappy relationship for over a year. 

Just under three-quarters (72%) admit that they dither rather than face up to their partner and have a conversation, with 77% admitting they would be more likely to break up with someone over text if it was guilt free. 

Another aspect of the survey uncovered what the top 20 things are that Brits are slow to move on from in life.

At the top of the list, with 37% of votes, was toxic friends, closely followed by old photos and souvenirs (27%) and unsuitable partners (26%).

Also included in the list were a home that has been outgrown (13%), a childhood teddy (12%) and subscriptions for things you don’t use that auto-renew (11%).

Sky Mobile also announced reality TV star Pete Wicks as the brand’s ‘break-up consultant’ as part of a new campaign to encourage mobile-users to switch to their network.

In a new advert which features Wicks, the former TOWIE cast member said: “Don’t worry everyone, I’m only breaking the hearts of mobile networks this summer. Cutting the cord can be hard, but when breaking up with your mobile network it’s all over with a text. Trust me it’s no hassle and no drama. No love lost – this summer is all about you moving on to something better.”

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