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27th Mar 2015

Video: This dog can’t catch food for sh*t

You have to applaud his effort, though...


As Rocky Balboa sort of said; “It’s not about how much food you can catch – it’s about how much food you can miss, and keep trying anyway.”

Let’s face facts: This dog can’t catch for sh*t.

But still he tries. And that is worth our applause.

‘We’ve compiled some of the highs and lows of Fritz’s quest to learn how to catch food,’ YouTuber Fritz Dog said.

An his YouTube video shows Fritz the retriever attempting to catch several delicious-looking foodstuffs, including a steak, a taco and a hot dog.

Oh boy, he gets so close to that hot dog.

It’s funny, but harsh, to see a dog wear a taco about the ear but you can’t help cheering for the little rascal when he finally catches a small chip thrown by his owner.