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01st Apr 2015

Video: A life-size model of Benedict Cumberbatch made entirely of chocolate

This is not an April Fools’ joke

Conor Heneghan

Benedict Cumberbatch: good enough to eat.

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, which means a full day of munching down on chocolate while not feeling a shred of guilt is upon us.

A normal Easter Egg would normally do just fine, but if you’re bit more peckish this year, you might fancy a bite out a life-sized model of Benedict Cumberbatch made entirely out of chocolate.

Cumberbatch finished ahead of the likes of Sean Bean and Idris Elba in a UTV poll of British actors to be given the chocolate tribute to help launch a new station focused on drama programmes.

Made out of 500 melted bars of Belgian chocolate and weighing in at around 40 kilos, it wouldn’t take Sherlock to figure out that we want some. As in right now.

Best put the kettle on before tucking into that, you could be there a while.