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17th Aug 2015

Unharnessed slacklining daredevil breaks record over 1000-ft canyon (video)

Don't. Look. Down.

Simon Lloyd

If heights aren’t your thing, you might want to skip this video.

Still there? Okay, let’s carry on…

Recently, a world record breaking slackline walk by Spencer Seabrooke proved that when you take up hobbies like this, there’s a fine line (quite literally) between life and death.

Walking 209 feet across a Canadian canyon, the unharnessed daredevil lost his balance twice and had to react quickly to grab hold of the rope – sparing himself a fall to the ground 1000 feet below him.

The video itself is a tense watch. Even though we all know he makes it to the other side, hearts can’t help but sink a little at points where he appears to be falling towards the canyon floor…