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11th Dec 2023

Plane passenger sparks outrage after putting his bare foot on armrest in front

Charlie Herbert

Plane passenger sparks outrage after putting his bare foot on armrest in front

‘Some people are raised by wolves’

A man has sparked outrage after he was pictured with his bare foot on the armrest in front of him during a three-hour flight.

Sharing a picture of the disturbing behaviour on the Reddit forum I’m The Main Character, someone wrote: “Do you say something if you’re sitting there?”

They added the context that the man did this on a three hour flight and “he kept those puppies up the whole time.”

The vast majority of people agree that this was quite frankly disgusting behaviour, with one person saying it made them “never want to travel again.”

Someone else said: “Hell yes, to the air crew. If the man puts the foot down and acts human while they are there show them the picture.

“Some people are raised by wolves. Teach your children to respect public spaces ffs.”

A third said: “These people stroll through life knowing most people are too passive or intimidated to call them out. I find they are shocked and surprised when they get checked and embarrassed.”

Another echoed this, writing: “Most people are too scared of confrontation to ever say things. The guy who tells you to put your phone away in the theater, to get to the back of the line, to shut up and listen, is me.

“Every time. I am not intimidated by these people and I hate that so many human beings are. They thrive off the meekness of others, shove it down their throats and they will comply, these people are weak cowards, they will never give you push back.”

Others had more playful suggestions for dealing with the unwanted feet, such as asking the man “if he wants a foot rub” or finding out “if they’re ticklish.”

Someone else provided a bit of context for the photo, claiming that the woman and baby who the armrest belonged to were the man’s wife and child.

“They couldn’t get the adjacent seat. This has been posted before,” they added.

This doesn’t make it much better to be honest, the rest of the people around him still have to deal with the seat of his feet.

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