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13th Nov 2023

Airplane passenger defends right to recline chair in raging argument

Joseph Loftus

Another day, another kick off in the skies

This time, the latest shenanigans are all down to a woman who reclined in her seat.

In a video, which has since gone viral, the unnamed woman from an unknown flight, tears into the passenger behind her after accusing the passenger of spending the whole flight pushing her seat forward.

The woman can be heard saying: “The whole trip she pushin my seat.”

As the couple behind her tried to defend their actions, the woman rose to her feet and began shouting: “No, you seen it! You know she did! I’m allowed to put my seat back! I’m allowed to put my seat back!”

Before the video finally comes to a close, the woman shouts: “I’m allowed. To. Put. My. Seat. Back!”

As you can probably imagine, the comment section was littered with opinions.

One person wrote: “It can be annoying sometimes to be behind someone with their seat all the way, but if the airlines didn’t want to allow that, it wouldn’t happen.

“You don’t kick the seat like a baby. Blame the airline, not the person doing what the airline says is fine.”

One on the opposing side of the fence, wrote: “Respect the person behind you.”

Another commented: “I mean if she wasn’t allowed to put her seat back then why was the seat adjustable??”

What’s your take?

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