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27th Oct 2023

‘My boyfriend asked his ex to make a workout plan for me that would make me look like her’


She said she wasn’t interested – then his ex got in touch with receipts

A woman discovered her boyfriend had asked his ex-partner to create her a workout plan – to make her look like his ex.

The anonymous woman, 20, said she had always been “jealous” of her boyfriend’s former girlfriend’s figure – but “didn’t mind the way” she looked.

Her boyfriend, 22, had asked her if she wanted a gym membership and to workout with him but dismissed the idea when she said no.

But the woman was confused when her boyfriend’s ex reached out on Instagram and sent her screenshots of a conversation with her former partner – asking her to create a workout plan for his current girlfriend.

Shocked, the woman couldn’t forgive her boyfriend and has now ended their 10-month relationship.

She said: “His ex works out a lot and he and her would often go to the gym together back when they dated.

“She has a slim thick body type with a flat stomach, bigger thighs and ass, and slim arms.

“She is very pretty and it’s hard not to be jealous. Her figure almost looks like a real-life Elastigirl.

“I, on the other hand, am slim and thin. I’m just tall, skinny, and flat.

“I don’t mind the way I look. He never seemed to dislike the way I looked either, he always complimented the little I had.

“He had asked one time before if I wanted to get a gym membership and work out with him but I said no and he never asked again.

“Yesterday, his ex reached out to me through Instagram and asked if I had talked to my boyfriend about wanting to start working out. “I said no because I hadn’t. I was a bit confused and asked why she was asking.

“She then proceeded to send me multiple screenshots of conversations with my boyfriend. “He had asked her to put together a workout plan and meal plan that would make my body look like hers.

“He told her that it was my idea and that I had asked him to ask her. I never did.

“He was also very strict with making sure that she sent the plan to him and not me.

“She thought this was a little suspicious and decided to ask me before she made the plan.

“I feel so insecure and ashamed of the way I look now.

“My boyfriend is apparently not happy with the way I look. Not only does he want me to change, but he wants me to look like his ex.

“I love this guy so much and he’s been absolutely perfect until now.”

Commenters rushed to support the woman and encouraged her to end the relationship.

One said: “A guy comparing you to his ex is a massive red flag. “A guy comparing you to his ex then sending messages to her asking her for a workout plan to look like said ex is a run for the hills, girl.”

Another agreed: “Giant red flag. “Don’t change yourself to please anyone unless that is what you want.

“Find someone who loves and appreciates you for who you are. “Looks change over time but the inner beauty does not.

“Your boyfriend’s ex sounds like a lot better person than your boyfriend.”

The woman later confirmed she has ended the relationship, writing: “I can officially say that he’s dumped and gone.”

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