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06th Apr 2015

Instagram: Craig David’s Photoshop wizardry is something quite special…

Once an artist, always an artist...

Craig David was the R&B star of yesteryear that gave us hits like Re-Rewind (Crowd say Bo Selecta).

He’s been a bit quiet in recent years –  doing some singing, some charity work, going to the gym (a lot) and just living his life.

That was until someone showed him how to use Photoshop.

Then BOOM!

The singer unleashed his own brand of photoshop-art-philosophy on the world and it’s something quite spectacular.

Here are some of Craig’s best bits. They are Proper Bo!

He does philosophy: “Everything you see outside can only be understood by looking inside.”


Meteorological metaphor:

‘Blue sky thinking’:

Cool hair styles, but with a serious message:

Life advice/dove-conjuring tricks like Paul Daniels did:


And fitness inspiration:

You can’t keep a good artist down. JOE salutes you for it…

(H/T: V-Point News)