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27th Sep 2023

Boy, 13, who kept being told off for doodling at school ended up with Nike deal

Joseph Loftus

‘Joe is really excited to join the Nike Family’

An inspirational young lad who was always being told off in class for doodling has just landed a lucrative deal working with Nike.

Joe Whale, who is just 13, is better known on social media as Doodle Boy.

The creative youngster was a bit of a thorn in his teachers’ side for spending more time doodling than paying attention in class, but now he’s managed to turn his passion into a day job.

After being told off time and time again for his artwork, Joe was able to build a huge following on Instagram where he shows off his illustrations before he attracted the attention of one of the world’s biggest sporting brands: Nike.

Confirming a partnership between Joe and Nike, his agency, Loveblood Creative, wrote: “We are so very excited to confirm that Joe is now part of the Nike Family.

“It really is a unique relationship that puts Joe’s talent and love of sport together to inspire others to have fun and do what they love.”

But just what is it that inspires our young Keith Haring to create such masterworks? Well, anything.

He explained: “I pretty much create doodles from anything as I get inspired by my surroundings and create characters from all of the things I see such as my burger and fries characters, flowers, vegetables, cakes – yum -, clouds, etc.”

Joe’s dad, Gregory, told CNN: “Joe is really excited to join the Nike Family, he absolutely loves the brand.

“It is a dream come true for him as he loves both sport and creativity and partnering with Nike will give him the opportunity to embrace both.”

Always follow your dreams.

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