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18th Aug 2022

Man gets full sized Stella tattoo on his head because he loves the drink that much

Kieran Galpin

He’ll never forget his favourite drink

A man who is arguably the biggest fan of Stella Artois has got the bev’ tattooed on the back of his head, with his TikTok racking up 2.3 million views.

Connor Davidson, 27, shot to fame this week after posting a TikTok showing off his tattoo. But while many would refrain from a head tattoo and even then choose something a little low-key, Davidson opted for something a little more in your face.

“When someone dares me, I always do it,” the tattoo artist-in-training told LADbible. “Literally, I was just around my mate’s one day having a few drinks when one of my mates saw the design. He turned around to me and was like, ‘I bet you won’t get this done’.”


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A post shared by Connor Davidson (@carpfishing917)

Within two weeks, the daredevil was at Absolute Art in Leicester.

“It was meant to go on the back of my leg,” he continued. “But I went one step further and got it on the back of my head.”


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A post shared by Connor Davidson (@carpfishing917)

Luckily, Davidson already has a few head tattoos and knew what to expect.

He was, of course, met with wide eyes and some criticism from friends and family but insisted that “that stuff doesn’t bother me one bit.”

His friends were fully onboard, but his family was not “keen” on the new addition to his growing collection of tattoos.

“You get some people who say ‘EDL final boss’, ‘wife-beater’ and all that, but there are a load of decent comments. But it feels like there’s a couple of people driving it,” Davidson added.

On the plus side, next time he’s too sloshed to ask for another pint, he can simply point to the back of his head.

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