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World's largest brewer warns that the price of a pint is about to go up in the UK
Bad news for beer drinkers

Pints. Pints. Pints. Pints. Pints.

What is Britain but a massive, island-shaped pint? What is British society but a collection of pints being filled and drunk, filled and drunk, and filled and drunk again? What is life but an intangible, unexplainable pint? To pint or not to pint, that is the pint.

Before we romanticise the pint any further, know this: the price is about to go up, so say Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the world's largest brewer, which makes such beers as Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois and Beck's.

Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, Jason Warner, AB InBev president for northern Europe said price rises were inevitable and would hit in a couple of years.

"There has to be an increase," Warner said. "We are starting to see the real inflation rate of the UK coming through and for our retail partners they will see it across all categories," he added.


Warner could not specify what the price increase was likely to be, but an increase is an increase is an increase, just as pints are pints are pints.

Hopefully the threat of more expensive pints won't force a pint rush, where the worried and thirsty rush to their nearest pub, arms full of glasses, stockpiling beer to get them through the winter months.

We hope. We pray.

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