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24th Feb 2024

Man sparks huge debate for wanting to break up with girlfriend for gaining weight

Charlie Herbert

Man sparks huge debate after breaking up with girlfriend for gaining weight

‘I find her eating habits and appearance gross now’

A man has sparked a huge debate after revealing he wants to break up with his long-term girlfriend because she has gained weight.

In a post on Reddit, the man – who described himself as a ‘gym bro’ who works out at least three times a week – said that he no longer finds his partner attractive, and asked whether this makes him a bad person.

The 28-year-old explained that he had met her at the gym two years ago, when she was “smaller and thin.”

He wrote: “She was cute and funny and we hit it off really well. Almost a year ago we decided to move in together and I noticed then she had gained a couple pounds but didn’t think anything of it.”

He continued: “Ever since then, she has consistently put on more and more weight. Easily 60+ pounds now. Of course, she no longer works out either. I find her eating habits and appearance gross now.

“The thin girl I was so attracted to has been replaced by an insatiable eater. She eats bags of candy and wants fast food for every meal.”

He said he was so unhappy with her appearance that he is considering breaking up with her, and asked the internet: “Would I be the a**hole if I dump my girlfriend because she has gained so much weight I’m no longer attracted to her?”

The post split opinion, with many suggesting the man was in the wrong and was being very rude.

One person wrote: “I guess I have a hard time believing you like or care about her after the way you’ve spoken about her. An insatiable blob? Seriously? You couldn’t hold that in?

Another said: “You can dump her for gaining weight, and you wouldn’t have been an a**hole, but the way you speak about her makes you one. Just dump her and save her from wasting her time.”

But not everyone thought the case was so clear-cut, and some said the man needs to speak to his girlfriend to let her know about his concerns.

One person replied: “I don’t think this is a case of being shallow because it is clear that fitness means a lot to you and it sounds like there’s been a complete personality and body change. If that is the case then she is not the same girl. Everyone saying she could be depressed, she could also just be complacent and thinking she’s got her man so why should she bother. Just talk to her and ask her what’s up!”

A second commented: “As a fit person myself I get where you’re coming from id hate it if my husband just stopped working out, sorry you’re getting blasted for it, people forget we’re human.”

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