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30th Jun 2015

Watch Jon Stewart’s brilliant riposte to the backlash against US marriage equality

Rainbow nation...

Ben Kenyon

We’re really going to miss Jon Stewart when he’s gone.

His Daily Show comedy diatribes on everything from FIFA to the British General Election are as pertinent as they are hilarious.

But the ridiculous backlash in the US against the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality saw Stewart go into classic p*ss-take mode.

Talking about the landmark decision to afford gay couples the same rights as heterosexual partnerships, he said: “It was a display stunning in its alacrity and its completeness. Traditionally victimised communities granted the legal dignity that had been denied them so many years.

“Truly a moment of joy. Or….or….or…to put that another way….”

(Turning to a quote from Republican Senator Ted Cruz)

“…today was some of the darkest 24 hours of our nation’s history.”

Cue raucous laughter – you just couldn’t make it up.

But the best bit of the whole segment is a clip of Donald Trump, who says he backs ‘traditional marriage’, being asked “What’s traditional about being married three times?”

Case closed.

Why not have a look at John Oliver’s brilliant take on the gay marriage decision (includes bonus material on *that* Isis dildo flag).

Clip via MediaiteNews