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02nd Apr 2015

Video: James Corden stung badly by April Fools’ prank on US TV

At least we think he did

Conor Heneghan

We have our doubts about how genuine this is but we still had a laugh.

It’s still early days, but James Corden has made an impressive start as host of The Late Late Show in the US, with audiences responding well to his everyman sense of humour.

Last night, he showed a human side when tending to American author Katie Couric, who Corden thought had fallen down to the stairs on her way onto the set.

As it turns out it was a lady named Heidi, a stunt double of Couric’s, that took the tumble as part of a pre-arranged stunt, but Corden certainly seemed to think it was real.

If he didn’t, he was really going out of his way to let on that he fell for it hook, line and sinker.


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