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05th Jul 2018

Rosie Williams and Charlie Frederick from Love Island are now dating

Reuben Pinder

After leaving the villa, the pair have started dating

If you are one of the many people who is currently glued to Love Island every night, you’ll know how easy it is to forget that the contestants have lives outside the villa. For instance, Alex is actually a doctor.

Just as they have normal lives like you or I to return to, their relationships continue upon their return to reality, such is the nature of spending all day every day with the same group of people for weeks on end.

Rosie and Charlie, two of the first evictees from the villa, have kept in touch and by the looks of it, starting dating each other.

Charlie uploaded a selfie with Rosie to his Instagram story captioned ‘date night’, as the pair went to the British Grand Prix Ball in support of Wings for Life in London.

Of course, this is not conclusive proof that the pair are in a romantic relationship, they could just be attending the same events, but we presumably speak for everyone when we say we hope it’s more than just a date.