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08th Apr 2015

Is the BBC hiding its funniest comedy talent online?

Berry funny man...

Nooruddean Choudry

Matt Berry and Bob Mortimer have teamed up to produce six minutes of comedy gold for BBC iPlayer that’s probably funnier than anything on the broadcaster’s TV channels (apart from House of Fools of course…)

Matt Berry Does… The Boat Race is a brilliantly funny take on the 186-year-old rowing competition between Oxford and Cambridge, and pokes fun at the pretention of the annual event.

It uses archive footage from the likes of British Pathé and Kino Library overdubbed with the booming voice of Berry, who opines with mock authority on the grandiose fare.

The comedy short is written by Bob Mortimer, who has made an excellent fist of ramming the script full of meaty innuendo. Berry delivers the commentary with trademark aplomb.

Matt Berry Does… is a six-part series, so keep your eyes peeled for more gold. It follows on from the similarly p*ss funny Matt Berry-voiced skits The Lone Wolf and Wild Love: