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13th Nov 2015

Idris Elba discusses his Luther soundtrack

Lia Nicholls

Idris Elba is a man of many talents; actor, DJ, producer, singer, general man mountain.

Not satisfied with just reprising his role as detective John Luther, he’s also been busy in the studio with Wretch 32, Tanika and Shakka creating an album to accompany the hit series.

Not to mention DJing for Madonna on the Berlin leg of her Rebel Heart tour, where they shared a little moment on stage…

Elba, 43, told Newsbeat: “On the John Luther one especially because it’s from London, it’s about London and it should feel like it’s from the show. I’ve got Wretch (32) on it, I’ve got Tanika on it, and I’ve got Shakka on it.

“I feel like as I grow as someone that does music, I can pull a lot of interesting people together. So there is a project that I am definitely working on where mans might have to bring out his bars again.”

It’s not the first time Idris has created a soundtrack for one of his projects, he released a Mandela score last year.

If you want to hear his talents behind a mixing desk, he recently uploaded a remix of Skepta’s Shutdown.