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31st May 2016

Here’s the grown-up Harry and the rest of the cast of ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’

No pressure at all, you lot

emma lahiffe

Why so Sirius serious?

Harry Potter fans around the world were sent into a meltdown this morning when the first photos of the Harry Potter And The Cursed Child theatre cast were released on

Meet the new faces of the first family of the wizarding world:

Grown-up Harry (19 years older to be exact) will be played by British actor Jamie Parker.

When asked about actor Jamie’s transformation, J.K. Rowling said: “He simply is Harry now. There’s a kind of relief in watching him, he gets it so right.”

Here he his suited and booted for his role as a Ministry of Magic man:


Poppy Miller will play Ginny Weasley Potter.

Speaking about the play, Poppy said: ‘All of us are seeing things every day, what other people are doing for the first time on stage, that’s making us squeal with excitement. So, bring it on!’

Sam Clemmett takes on the role of Albus Severus Potter, aka The Cursed Child.

Albus is, of course, Harry and Ginny’s second son, and by the sounds of things, he’s in for a pretty interesting ride.

Here he is in his snazzy Hogwarts robes, said to be hand-me-downs from older brother James:

Speaking about Sam’s performance, Rowling told Pottermore: “There’s much I could say about Sam-as-Albus, but we’d be into spoiler territory so quickly I’ll just say we couldn’t have cast better.”

Always teasing us, JK!


The countdown to the opening night of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child is on. Previews of the play begin at London’s Palace Theatre on June 7. Get your tickets here.

More photos of the cast members will be released later this week.

Needless to say, fan reaction was…muted


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