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01st Mar 2023

Disney releases trailer for live-action Peter Pan with first look at Tinkerbell

Charlie Herbert

Tinkerbell in the live-action Peter Pan film

Yara Shahidi is the first Black woman to ever play the iconic role of Tinkerbell

Disney has released the first trailer for it’s upcoming live-action Peter Pan movie.

Fans were given a first look at ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ at Disney’s D23 Expo in September last year after some exclusive footage was shown.

But now we have an official trailer, given audiences a first proper look at the world of Neverland and some of the iconic characters from the famous children’s tale.

This includes exchanges between Captain Hook, played by Jude Law, and Wendy, played Ever Anderson.

Alexander Molony will star as boy who refuses to grow up, Peter Pan.

But perhaps the most exciting takeaway from the trailer is the first chance to see the character of Tinkerbell in the live-action adaptation.

Taking on this role is Yara Shahidi, who is making history as the first black woman to play the fairy.

You can watch the trailer below.

The release of the trailer has got fans talking, with some warning that the decision to cast a Black woman in the role of Tinkerbell may prompt a similar reaction to the furore over Halle Bailey’s casting as Ariel in the Little Mermaid.

One person said: “Ahh, this is gonna be Ariel 2.0. I can already see it.”

A second added: “Unlike Halle with Ariel, this woman doesn’t fit Tinkerbell.”

A third commented: “Here we go again.”

Others were more concerned by the fact that Disney is making another remake of a classic film instead of original movies.

One user said: “She’s [Shahidi] serving, but we need to stop doing live actions, like, say you ran out of ideas and go.”

Last year, Disney released the first trailer for the upcoming live action remake of the Little Mermaid. But the trailer racked up millions of dislikes from people furious at the decision to cast a woman of colour in the role of Ariel.

Bailey later spoke out about the vitriolic backlash to the trailer, saying that she knew how important it would have been for her as a little girl to see a “Black Ariel.”

Following the release of the ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ trailer, one user made this very point, writing: “My daughter and I just stumbled across the new trailer & my jaw dropped when I saw Tinkerbell.

“It was the representation I never knew I needed. Belle, Ariel, & Tinkerbell played by Black actresses in one year! This news has my inner Black girl & my Black child so happy.”

Peter Pan & Wendy will be released during Disney’s 100 year anniversary celebrations and will be available for streaming from April 28 on Disney+.

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