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25th Mar 2016

Morgan Schneiderlin’s Johan Cruyff tribute was tweeted with a photo of the wrong player

Kevin Beirne

Football lost one of its all-time greats when Johan Cruyff passed away on Thursday.

The Dutchman had been battling cancer since last October, and it wasn’t long before tributes began pouring in from fans all over the world.

Many footballers paid their respects to an icon of the game, but some went down better than others.

While Rio Ferdinand was criticised for his overly-brand tribute, Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin went along the route of The Guardian by mixing up Cruyff with one of his former team-mates.

The Frenchman apparently shared an image of former Netherlands goalkeeper Jan Jongbloed, while also misspelling Cruyff’s first name.

The post has since been deleted, and Schneiderlin has replaced it with a picture of Cruyff himself.